The All Time BLENDS

A family of three stars for your kitchen. All of them representing a best seller for each category in relation to the fruitiness of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to the softness of the Sunflower Oil and the taste of the Olive Pomace Oil. The special blending of each one and its beneficial chemical advantages are the reasons why they are scientifically recommended as very healthy for human consumption and heart protection.

Three products ideal for cooking, salads, sauces and frying.

The Premium BLEND

A very tastefull blend composed of 50% Greek selected, low acidity, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with 50% excellent quality Sunflower Oil. The distinguished aroma and fruitiness of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, combined with the delicate and sweet taste of the Sunflower Oil create a very pleasant edible oil for everyday use.

The combination of the significant chemical components of both Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil converts the final product to a very healthy one, ideal for human diet and heart protection.

Recommended as ingredient for salad dressings, sauces, and cooking.

The Salad BLEND

An extra light edible oil combined of 20% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 80% superior quality Sunflower Oil. Ideal for consumers needing a very light oil with delicate taste and beneficial advantages for human health, heart protection and easy digestion.

Recommended for regular use in all salads, sauces, cooking and frying.

The Cooking BLEND

An ideal blend for tasty cooking and/or delicate frying. Consisted of 20% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 30% specially refined Olive Pomace Oil and 50% excellent quality Sunflower Oil, combines the fruitiness with the deliciousness and softness for unexpected fine meals and/or light and tasteful frying.

The particular chemical advantages of the edible oils grant beneficial consequences for human health, heart protection and balanced diet.